5 ways to be broke

Yup, you've read that right. Every month before it's 20th most of us are broke. No matter what you do you never save up. Forget saving up, by 21st it's about eating daal chaawal every night till you get your next month's salary. Ever wondered why?

Here are 5 definite reasons for you being broke. So take the cue and avoid them the next month!

1. Online Shopping

All those hours spent on online websites and the reckless shopping. Remember that? Time to calm down. We all love shopping so time to shop on a budget. Make a list of stuff you want to buy and then buy one at a time. Of course, offers and sales are undeniable (Elanic has great offers all day long!) but keeping a track on your shopping spree will help you survive.

alt 2. Order online food

We all love food and what's the easiest way to fill your tummy? Order online or go out to eat! Admit it, you've done it too. Eating out or ordering in is good but not always. Learn to cook a little as this helps you spend less. Plus it's healthier keeping you fit.

3. Pay rent

No one can escape this. Every time you pay rent you feel half your salary going off? Been there, doing that right now! Of course, you can't avoid this but what you can do is keep little saving for your emergency needs.

4. Pay debt

Stop taking money from your friends. The more you take, the more you are broke the moment you get your next salary. Paying debts is never-ending so try to avoid taking money.

5. Daaru party

Keep your alcohol intake on a check. Partying too often is also one of the reasons for being broke. Go out once in a while, have a few drinks and keep your pocket off from burning a hole.
alt I know it's not easy to save up but keeping a check on the following points will help you not be broke, at least help you survive the month.