5 ways to re-vamp your Jeans

Jeans is one of the most basic clothing which we all have and love wearing.Be it a date, party or office, one can never go wrong by wearing jeans almost anywhere.

But how about making your regular plain jeans a bit more peppy and stylish?
Here are a few cool DIY Jeans designs, which can be done over the weekend and turn you into a fashion sensation.

Elegant with Lace.

Patches of lace are easily available online or in clothing stores.
Add a delicate patch of lace at the hem and make it look beautiful and elegant.


Patch Up.

Use up scraps of your favorite print from your old t-shirt or buy a cute printed patch.Cut it according to the shape of the back pocket and stitch it on.


Jazz it with Studs.

Use stylish studs to make your jeans look jazzy.You can put them at the bottom cuffs of the jeans or make an interesting design anywhere you like.Perfect for a late night party.


Crop and Shape.

Ditch the old way of simply cutting your jeans to make them into summer shorts.Get creative and shape the hem line of the shorts anyway you want.
(Remember to trace the design with a chalk before you start cutting) the design. alt

Beautify with Embroidery.
A simple work of thread and needle can add a designer look to your jeans. Choose a simple design and add a pop of color to your pair of jeans.