We're back with a DIY manual for all those who are obsessed with tassels! Tassels have been trending for a long while now and it looks like they're here to stay.

A tassel can transform a boring purse to a hep accessory, a plain flip flop into must-have footwear or make the most mundane of necklines the centre of attention.

As pretty as they are though, tassels can be expensive. So, here is an easy and cheap way to make your own tassels!


  1. A Spool of thread of your preference
    (Crochet/ Embroidery/Silk/Wool)
  2. Cardstock
  3. Scissors
  4. Pencil/Pen

STEP 1: Wrap the thread around your piece of cardstock until you get the desired thickness. The length of the tassel will be determined by the height of the cardstock. STEP 2: Slide a length of thread through the wrap and make a loop knot.
STEP 3: Ease the cardstock out from the thread and tighten the knot. STEP 4: Wrap the thread around the thread below the pencil. STEP 5: Tighten it and make a knot. STEP 6: Trim the extras and you're done! STEP 7: You can also add beads, buttons and tidbits of your choice to keep it interesting and unique!

There you go, has making tassels ever been this easy? We think not. So now go crazy with your new tassels and let your imagination run wild!

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