For girls out there who go up or down a size from skipping meals or eating one too many cookies, we understand when you tell us that only a new pair of jeans is the answer to size fluctuations.
Quick question though...
What happened to those pairs of jeans you swore you'd fit into someday? Collecting dust in your closet? That's okay, We've all been there...
But not anymore. Check out these amazing DIY projects to solve your denim dilemma!


Customised book covers are all the rage these days. A great personalized cover would be a style statement too...


Now this, we can't live without. So why not make one yourself? A little denim and fabric glue can unlock your doors in style.


Sure, paper bookmarks are great, but why choose flimsy when you can easily cut a swatch from your old mom jeans to pop in between pages? Add a tiny slit and voila, you can slide in a highlighter too!


No, No don't worry, this is easy. "No stitch" DIY is exactly that. Now revamp an old cloth grocery bag with cool denim patches in shapes of your choice. Outline them with a funky 3d outliner and there you go! Strut the streets in style!


Now, cut out shapes from your old jacket or jeans and stick them onto your little girls' hair clips. Accentuate with little beads and cool buttons or maybe even write her name on it in cursive. There's nothing more adorable than a toddler with her name on her hairclip.
P.S- Always note to fold the frayed edges in before sticking with a fabric glue unless you liked the distressed effect.

Now give your old denim pieces a do over!