Annoying people you meet in Shaadis

It's the wedding season and everyone you know are getting married. Weddings are all fun to attend till you come across one of these kinds of people:

1.Shaadi kab karoge auntyji

Those aunties who keep a track of what's going on in the society and always want to know when you are getting married.

2.Sharabi dost

Having a blast at weddings is all fun till you have to carry that friend back home cuz she is too drunk to walk by herself.
alt 3.Over-friendly uncleji

We've all come across uncles who said "Arrey last time tumhe jab dekha tha itne chote the" and give you a whole recap of your childhood embarrassments.

4.Tharki bachelors

As if handling your drunk friend wasn't enough, here are the creepy bachelors who leave no opportunity to hit on you and be their true creepiest self.
alt 5.Emotional mummyji

No one's as worried and emotional than the bride's mother who overreacts at every tiny mistake. Try not to get caught in the middle of her work.

6.Usulo waale dadaji

Dadaji is the oldest in the family and you do not wanna be caught fooling around them and be judged to be the unsanskari kid.

7.Rondu bacche

Kids are amazing, we all love them till they start crying. Late night shaadi scenes and new people make them extra sensitive and hence the loud crying.


8. Bhukkads Few guests who have no idea and don't really care what's happening in the shaadi. All they care about is finding the section where food is served.