Shirt 'Em Up - Ways To Rock A Simple Button Down

Shirts make up a major part of our wardrobe but they only get an outing for a formal event and when one wants to look professional. If worn differently shirts can work wonders in a casual environment too. So don’t just button them down; tuck it, pin it, style it differently and make it your own.

Here are some ways to rock the staple shirt and stand out in the crowd:

Roll it up and tuck it in

For a very carefree and chic style, roll up the sleeves of your crisp shirt and tuck it in a skirt. Complete the look with a leather belt and some chunky jewellery and give your shirt a new and trendy life on the street.

Tied Up

Pair your printed shirt with a plain solid colored midi skirt or visa versa and knot it in the front to make the look interesting and happening.


Knotty Tale

To make things more interesting take a little inspiration from the movie Pretty woman and wear your shirt over a bodycon dress and knot it in the front.


Open Season

Instead of opting for a shrug over your outfit, change the game a bit and wear your oversized shirt over a dress or any outfit. To make things even more intriguing leave the shirt open and wear a belt over it.


Wear your colored shirt over a sleeveless dress for a hint of drama to your outfit.
alt Take your shirts out for a spin for more than just a serious event with these easy looks and styles.