Elanic Seller Stories 25: Neetu Rani

Neetu is from Delhi. She had started as an individual seller and now is a professional seller. She loves selling on the app and has made quite a lot of money!

Q. What’s your profession?

A. I’m an HR for a PVR Consultancy in Delhi

Q.How did you find about Elanic?

A. I got to know about Elanic from a good friend and then I started selling on the app. alt Q.How did you venture into being a professional seller?

A. I saw other people selling in bulk on the app. So once I sold quite a few of my items I realised I could sell too.

Q.How is selling on Elanic different than other platforms?

A. I liked the concept of getting credits once you join the app and if you refer it to your friends you again get credits. Also a very quick response to any query we ask.

Q. Where do you source your products from?

A. I sell mostly my own products and rest I buy from different vendors in Delhi.

Q.What do you do with the money you make on Elanic?

A. I reinvest it in buying more products for selling on the app! alt Q.Favorite sale?

A. Combo of cape and Palazzo

Q.Most memorable experience/encounter with the app?

A. I won a contest as I had guessed the correct answer and won Elanic credits

Q.Tips for selling faster for other users?

A. Users need to put good pictures of the products and proper descriptions so that buyers don’t get confused.

Q.What’s your favourite feature on Elanic that makes your selling easy?

A.The chat option is very helpful as you can ask more questions about the products and also bargain.