Golden rules to rock athleisure.

Who doesn’t dream of spending the entire day in sweatshirts and a pair of yoga pants. But like the many other happening things 2017 got for us, it did us a huge favour by getting yoga pants and sweat pants as a major fashion trend in the name of Athleisure.

Here are some easy ways to rock this super comfortable style.

• It’s all about the basics. You don’t need to go overboard with this trend. You can start with just a racer back with a pair of sweatpants and some sneakers.

• One piece that can transform your exercise outfit into something really chic is any jacket. A denim jacket will make you go glam in instant. alt

• Pile on accessories like a cap, a head band or just a shirt tied on your waist and make it look glamorous without any hassle. alt ` • Swap your gym bag with a quirky tote or a really chic bag. alt

• Another way to make workout wear dressy in minutes is to swap your sneakers and sport shoes with a pair of high heels.


And TA-DAAA! Time to rock your sweatpants!