Elanic Groups: How To Guide

Q: What are Elanic Groups?

Elanic Groups is a fun way to shop and share with the Elanic community. Join the Elanic Team and hundreds of thousands of women across the country in groups where you can

  1. Share your listings with all group members.
  2. Shop from other group member listings.
  3. Discover new people to follow.

As a member, you get to be a part of creating a highly curated group of amazing fashion items that follow the theme of the group! This is your chance to showcase your personal style via sharing select listings from your closet as well as a variety of other Elanican’s closets.

Q: How do I Share to Groups?

You can share your own products or other's products to your groups. To get started,

  1. Browse through groups on the "Groups" tab and click "Join Group" to join the group
  2. Make sure you read the rules properly before joining a group. You must follow the group rules at all times.
    Note: Elanicans breaking the rules will be banned from those groups and their posts will be removed
  3. Start sharing products to your groups by clicking on Group Icon icon on the product page. You can also share the product while listing them.
  4. Based on the rules of the group, Elanic automatically suggests which groups you can share your product to.

Q: What does it mean to be a Group Admin?

As a group admin, you get to

  1. Decide on Group Theme and Rules.
  2. Help keep the group members stick to the rules. Just flag the shares that you think do not adhere to group rules.
  3. Your profile is showcased in the “Admins” section of Group Page.
  4. Your group shares are showcased in the featured section in the groups (Coming Soon)

Q: Can I apply to be a Group Admin?

In order to be a group admin, your account should:

  1. Be in good standing. As Admin is a highly-visible position, we’re looking for Elanicans who know our rules and follow them. A few helpful hints? Do not have prohibited items or coordinate offline transactions.
  2. Have 25+ listings. We love when closets are full and brimming with eye candy! It’s beneficial for Elanicans shopping the groups to see your personal style.
  3. Be Active. Meet and follow Elanicans. List items for sale. Browse, like and share your favourite listings. Getting connected and keeping in touch with the Community will make you a well-rounded Elanican! At this time we ask that all group admins be an active member of the Elanic community for at least three months.
  4. Have personality! Wear your garment and take a selfie (or grab a friend to snap a pic for you!) or even create a layout of pretty items on an attractive, clean surface. And don’t forget the key to all amazing photos: good lighting! Bright, uncluttered images present your listings in the best way and ensure they will capture the attention of potential buyers.

Do the above criteria sound like you? Then be sure to contact us:

  1. Fill out the application to let us know that you’re interested in becoming a group Admin –we’d love to hear from you!
  2. Once we’ve received your request, we will add you to our list of interested candidates and reach out as soon as we’ve had a chance to take a look at your closet.
  3. Please do wait patiently. We have a long list of eager candidates and are working hard daily to ensure every eligible Posher is given the opportunity to host.