6 Ways To Flaunt Your Summer Wardrobe in Winters

Saying goodbye to summer is not as difficult as saying goodbye to the summer wardrobe and surrendering to infinite hoodies, jackets basically too many layers that make you feel and look like a human burrito.

Well, we are here to rescue you. These ideas and tips will help you make your summer wardrobe winter friendly.

1. Shirt Dress

Don't say goodbye to the major trend of 2017- the shirt dress. Pair your shirt dress with thigh-high warm socks or even a pair of baggy jeans.

2. Layering

Layering is the answer to every winter fashion question. A cardigan can do wonders with flower top and make you look super chic and innovative.

*3. Slip Dress

Pair your go-to slip dresses over a solid turtleneck sweater and let the turtleneck be the statement of our outfit.

4. Maxi

Make maxi dresses your best friend. Pair them with a jacket and add boots to make that the statement outfit of the winter season.

5. Camisoles

Wear your camisoles over a t-shirt or a warm sweater with a pair of jeans.

6. Strappy summer sandals That's not it, you can wear your strappy summer sandals with a pair of colourful leg warmers or socks.

Transform gloomy winters into a wonderland with these easy ideas.