Trend Report 39: Birthday Bash

It's our birthday week and what's a better time to sell than now!
This week's #DetailOnRetail is about party wear.

So scroll down for deets as to what's trending in party wear. List those items and before you know, you'll be earning a ton!

Sling bags

Keep it minimal when you are getting ready for a party. Take the necessary items stuffed inside your sling. It's easy to carry and less fussy.
alt Gown

A party OOTD is incomplete without a dress. Wear a maxi, gown or an off-shoulder dress. You can opt for solid colours or metallics if you want to notch it up a bit.


Makeup is an important part of getting ready for the party. Keep it simple. Do not overdo or you might get mistaken for a clown!


Keep those feet on point with a pair of stilettos. Like Carrie Bradshaw said " Higher the heels, the better it is".
alt What are you waiting for? Sell now!