While most Indian girls start dreaming about the perfect ensemble for their wedding a year before they actually get married, the sisters of the bride a.k.a prospective brides or ex-brides would have waited a lifetime for their 15 minutes of fame as the VIP after the bride.

After all the hoo-ha of finding the best ensemble of the day, is there anything more unfair than leaving it to collect dust in your oldest suitcase?

We don't think so.

This one's dedicated you girls who thought their designer clothes would have to rest in peace.

5 ways to rock last season's wedding clothes

1. Choli is holy

Choli in its own way is a fashionistas blessing. Pair your favourite embellished choli sans the skirt with 6 yards of plain fabric draped like a saree to work for ethnic day.

2. Dupatta deconstruction A dupatta is like a convertible in a road full of bicycles: can adapt to any weather and any occasion.
Now wear your heavy dupatta like a kaftan with minimal stitching or convert it into a very stylish kurti for that unanticipated wedding or party

3.Upgrade by a season Convert your skirt to a palazzo form and pair it with a handsome tailored jacket with a collar. Mismatched pieces are all in vogue!

4. Choli plus skirt equals anarkali No, alter your choli, modify the sleeves, something here and something there and join it to your skirt for a new anarkali!
Forego the dupatta and walk out in style...

5. To saree or not to saree Yup. You've heard that right.
Now mix and match a choli with your skirt and wear your dupatta in a half saree drape. There you go. To saree it is.

So, there you go girls,
Now brush out your old lehengas and welcome the next wedding season with open arms! A whole new wedding wardrobe at your fingertips!