5 easy ways to De-clutter before 2018

Is there something in your closet that you know you absolutely wouldn’t wear or is too worn-in, but realise that it could be a treasure to someone in need?

Can you never find anything in your closet without causing a war-field out of your clothes?

Well, this means that your clothes are probably gasping for breath and more than half of them haven't been touched in months. Now let me say without beating around the bush that - YOUR WARDROBE IS CLUTTERED !!


Worry not fashion hoarders, because Elanic is here to lift the burden off you and your wardrobe by introducing the "Konmari method of decluttering".

With her book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Konda created a wave of decluttering fad around the globe. Her Konmari method which suggest you to dramatically declutter in one day rather than doing it day-by-day and step-by-step has won millions of thankful and organised hearts.

1. Start with discarding


Empty your closet and lay your entire wardrobe on the floor before you. Tidy by category rather than location. For instance, if you've started with the bottoms then go through all the bottoms at once, before starting the next clothing category.

2. Dress up for the occasion


Sounds crazy, ain't it?? But according to Konda, dressing up for the occasion as if you're sending your things off with a farewell party is like a homage you pay to the items that have served you in whichever way. This way you become more conscious of the things you have and the ones you are discarding.

3. Avoid music during the process


As much as you might like the idea of tidying up your space whilst listening to music, it might not be the best thing to do according to the Konmari method. It is said that music interacts with your conscience which can instead distract your decision of keeping or discarding the items. Conscience while discarding, confusing much? The next step will clear this concept for you.

4. Ask yourself if it sparks joy within you


Hold each clothing item in your hand and ask if it gives you joy. If the answer is "Yes", then keep it and if "No", then put it in the discarding section.
Make sure you hold it rather than just look at it because according to her, your body's conscience will react to an item when you hold it. Now you get the connection or rather say, disconnection between music and de-cluttering right?

5. Organise all that sparks joy


Tidy up all the items which resonates positivity and happiness and designate a place for each category.

Lastly, about the discarded items...You could always donate them or sell them on Elanic. You could in return make a little something for yourself and fill your wardrobe with the latest trends.