Trend Report 43: Lohri Special

Nearly every culture in the world celebrates festivals related to harvest.

In India, Lohri is one of the biggest harvest festivals and people dress up and celebrate it to the fullest.

This week's #DetailOnRetail is about the attire people wear on Lohri. Scroll down for deets as to what's trending and make some quick cash by listing them on the app.

Salwar suit

Women keep the tradition by dressing up in beautiful and colourful salwar suits on this occasion.
alt Jhumka

What's an #OOTD without some jewellery? Jhumkas have always been a favourite for every occasion.
alt Jooti

Jootis have been quite trendy these past months. You can pair them with your ethnic attire as we as with your western outfits
alt Cardigan/Sweater

While festivities are all about dressing up, keep yourself warm and stylish. Cardigans and sweaters are in at the moment.
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