Millennial pink has been in the spotlight for the year 2017. It took over our Instagram feeds for months, let it be the pink walls, pink off shoulder dresses, pink coats or the pink satchel bags. Pink pink pink pink!! We have no right to complain: because we love them as much as you do.

But with 2017 coming to an end, the seconds of fame for Millennial pink has eventually ended. Now “ULTRA VIOLET” is taking center stage, and is going to dominate the fashion, design, interiors and the gadget accessories world.


Pantone 18-3838 ultra violet is a blue-based purple that is rich,bright, and vibrant. Here are few ideas on how you could incorporate the trending colour in your wardrobe and lifestyle.


There are some gorgeous ultra violtet separates on the high street at the moment, such as soft fur cardigans, long kurtas, high waisted jeans and maxi dresses. Take your pick!


Got a minimalist colour approach in fashion? Then go bold with beauty this season and opt for ultra violet shaded makeup items.

alt The trick is to let your Ultra violet piece stand out and do the talking. For eg: choose a sunglass or a ring, a little touch of the colour can give your outfit that much-needed pop.


If you’re feeling a little shy about wearing a bright colour, then why not just nod to the trend through an outfit accent, such as a shoe, a handbag, or some other kind of accessory.

alt Jazz up your walls with this sultry shade or accessorize your home with ultra violet lamps, pillows, and brighten up your life. Make sure to not over do it, as you do not want to ruin the aesthetics.

So get ready to be in for a new kind of purple reign. Stay in vogue!