Elanic Seller Stories 34: Karuna Jeeru

Karuna is a chartered accountant by profession and has a business of her own now on Elanic. Hailing from the city of pearls, Hyderabad, jewellery making is her favourite past-time.

Here’s how her journey on Elanic has been:

Q. What do you do?

A. Qualified in CA, I am working from home now and making money by selling jewellery on Elanic.

Q. How did you venture into being a professional seller on elanic?

A. I came across Elanic sometime back and after a couple of uses, I liked the app quite a lot and began to sell professionally on Elanic.

Q. How is selling on elanic different from other platforms?

A. Unlike other selling platforms, Elanic is extremely convenient and easy from beginning till end, which makes it more user-friendly. alt Q. Where are your products sourced from?

A. These days, I purchase jewellery for wholesale from Hyderabad and other places, and I make a profit out of it on Elanic.

Q. Of what use do you put the money made from Elanic?

A. I make use of my earnings from Elanic for personal uses, and also to carry my jewellery business forward on Elanic.

Q. Which has been your favourite sale so far?

A. All sales give me complete satisfaction. Any sale that I make is a happy and favourite sale.

Q. What is your most favourite encounter with the app?

A. After the sale is conducted, the pickup and delivery are done immediately and the buyers are also happy with the products. alt

Q. What’s your favourite feature on Elanic that makes your selling easier?

A. The formalities to conduct sales are minimal and the process of uploading images is very convenient. This has always kept me hinged on to Elanic.

Q. Why would you suggest Elanic to other users?

A. The fact that I can stay back home and do what I like, and also make a good profit with it, is the most satisfactory thing. I would suggest others to use Elanic and experience the same.

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