Trend Report 44: Metal Love

Metallics are taking over fashion at the moment and you can see every blogger or celebrity donning one.

This week's #DetailOnRetail is all about Metallics.
So scroll down for deets as to which metallic pieces are trending and upload a few similar pieces to earn some quick cash!

Metallic Makeup

Keep it fun with bold eyes. Go for the gold and turn heads as you walk into a room full of people.

Metallic Jackets

If you like making a statement, go for a silver or gold jacket. It'll instantly brighten your whole outfit!

Metallic Footwear

Walk down the road in a pair of gold/silver shoes! Be it a party or a casual outing, you can pair a gold pair of heels or silver oxfords and you're good to go!

Metallic Bags

If you aren't the #shoutoutloud types, opt for a metallic bag in shade of silver or gold. It'll add the right amount of pop to your look.

What are you waiting for? Sell now!