Trend Report 45: Jacket Mania

We all love layering ourselves at the slightest sight of cold! Well, what's a better way to dress up than dress warm and in style?

This week's #DetailOnReatail is all about jackets.

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Blazers have always been associated with classy and elegant. Pair it up with your outfit be it pants or skirts and you're all ready
alt Coat

Keep it warm and stylish with a nice coat. They come in different styles ranging from trench coats, double-breasted to parka jacket and so you can always get one based on your taste.
alt Denim Jacket

Denim jackets have been an all time favourite for everyone. You can wear it with all your outfits and look chic and stylish.
alt Leather Jacket

Old is gold and so are leather jackets. From college going kids to all fashionable people all around, everyone owns a leather jacket.

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