Tips To Make A Pretty Listing!

The way your closet appears can create an impression in the buyer's mind about you and your products. Here is a fabulous way to wow your followers on Elanic, and to get more people follow you. Click images that are a blend of quality and aesthetics. Master the art of making a pretty closet, coz the prettier your closet, the better your sale!

Follow these tips to make your Elanic closet look better than ever:

1. Choose: Take some time out to neatly press your clothes before they are put on the app. Crumpled products are likely to reduce your sales. Make sure they look neat, because the neater they look, the better they sell! 2. Background: Get an extra boost of colour by placing it against a nice-coloured wall or a seamless paper background! Make sure there is not too much going on in the background. Disturbance in the background can reduce the aesthetics of the product you wish to sell. 3. How to snap: Flat lay your product on a plain background (can be a coloured chart paper) or use a hanger to neatly hang it on a wall. Improper placement of the product is likely to sway away the buyer from purchasing. 4. Style it up: Let your followers know how it will look. Style the garment with props and accessories. Make sure their placement is not very cluttered, and that the props chosen complement the product. 5. Variation: Take various angled pictures of your item so that buyers have a clear idea about the product and how it appears from all sides. Assurance about the wearability and beauty of the item is very important to persuade the buyer's mind to carry the purchase forward.