Elanic Seller Stories 36: Lily Sinha

A native of the North-Eastern state of India, Nagaland, Lily Sinha is a graduate and a working woman. A fond traveller, and a professional seller at Elanic, here’s how her journey with Elanic has been.

Q. How did you become a professional seller on Elanic?

A. Initially, I began selling my old clothes on Elanic to find how it works. With a couple of uses, I pretty much liked the idea, and with the money I earned selling my old clothes, I began purchasing new products to sell on Elanic.

Q. What type of products do you sell?

A. I sell clothing and makeup on Elanic. My product line is inclusive of both pre-owned as well as new products. alt Q. Where are your products sourced from?

A. All the new products are sourced from dealers in Delhi, and that is where I am settled right now.

Q. What feature about the app is your favorite one?

A. Elanic is very user friendly and simple to understand. Since the app has a good interface, the process of uploading is carried out faster than other apps.

Q. How do you think Elanic differs from other selling apps?

A. The delivery is made much faster than other online selling apps. This makes the process of sales much more convenient.

Q. To what use do you put the money you earn from Elanic?

A. I use my earnings from Elanic to shop for myself, as well as to purchase more products from dealers for my business on Elanic. alt Q. Which has been your most favorite sale on Elanic?

A. I recently started selling makeup on Elanic, and the response is very gratifying. Another sale that gave me excellent response was of the duffel bags. I was able to sell many pieces of the same, and it is one of most sold products on Elanic.

Q. Do you purchase on Elanic?

A. Elanic is also a great platform to buy as well. I do purchase products for myself and for my fellow beings from Elanic. Mostly I shop for clothing.

Q. Why would you suggest Elanic to friends?

A. Elanic is a great platform to conduct sales from home, and I think everybody should sell their pre-owned goods on Elanic. It is a very beneficial and affordable place to both buy and sell.

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