Trend Report 46: Trending Brands

Fashion brands are always lovable, coz you’ll love yourself in them. Discover the labels that match your style and personality, and revamp your fashion statement this season!

This week’s #DetailonRetail is all about brands.

Scroll down to find deets on the brands that are trending on the app.

1. Vero Moda:
This time on the frontline is a maker of all things trendy. Vero Moda is the choice of those young women who want to dress well and pay less.

2. Only:
From cute to trendy to stylish, here is a choice for every occasion. A unique, real and modern identity, and attractive styles with international class.

3. The Chemistry Brand:
Do not define fashion by age, but by style. Simple, uncomplicated and clean women’s fashion is now on the frontiers.

4. Allen Solly:
Redefining the fashion for working women, the chic and fashionable range of clothing is perfect for your 9 to 5.
Wait no more. Sell now!

Wait no more. Sell now!