Tips To Sell Faster On Elanic!

Hack the selling psychology and sell faster and better now! Here are a few tips on how to get your products sold much easier than before. All you need to do is follow them the right way! Buckle up coz you're on your easy way to making some money.

1. Snap quality images:

Good lighting, cute styling and no shaking. These 3 points helps you take a good picture. Better images will always lead you to better results. If your picture is of great quality, you can easily find yourself packing up a few orders within hours.

2. View 360°:

Provide pictures from multiple angles. It’s not just the aesthetics that matter, but also the point of view! You and your products will appear trustworthy with this process. It is very essential to give them assurance about the product's quality and look from all sides.

3. Go informative:

Give the buyers a precise description of the product. Make sure, all specifications like colour, pattern etc. are right and up to the point. List down all the extra design details if any to ensure that they know everything about the product before purchasing it.

4. Pricing:

Put forward an affordable pricing strategy. Each product's price shall be according to its worth. Buyers should find each product's price to be fair and reasonable.

5. Responsiveness: Provide timely response to buyer enquiries. Proper response to calls, messages, and emails has a great impact on customer psychology and their buying behaviour as well.

Take these tips into account and your items will sell at more ease from now!