Elanic Seller Stories 37: Chithralekha Shakya

An engineer by qualification, a professional badminton player, a model, an actor, with a career at the Indian railways, Chithralekha is a multi-tasker. And she is also a professional seller on Elanic. What more can one be?
Here’s how her journey with Elanic has been:

Q. How did you venture into being a professional seller on Elanic?

A. It just took place with the course of time, and I am extremely glad to have sold my products on Elanic so far. Initially I began with a few, and now I have sold more than 130 products on Elanic. It gives me immense pleasure to use Elanic as a selling platform to sell my pre-owned goods.

Q.What type of products do you sell on Elanic?

A. My product range is wide and it includes cosmetics, accessories, jackets, casual wear, active wear, footwear. All of these have given me good response which is why I continue with Elanic and will, in the future too.

Q. Where are the products that you sell, sourced from?

A. I am a shopaholic and I shop everything that I like. Whatever I find aesthetic goes into my closet. More than 90% of the products that I sell on Elanic are pre-owned or goods that I buy for myself, but later end up not using them. Hence, sourcing my products does not confine to a single place.

Q. To what benefit do you put the money earned from Elanic?

A. I use my earnings from Elanic to shop further or put them aside for my personal benefits. alt Q. Why do you like Elanic over other selling platforms?

A. It’s a great selling experience, and very little time and effort goes into managing and understanding the app. This has been one major reason for me to cling on to the app and conduct sales on such a user friendly platform.

Q. What feature of Elanic is your favourite one?

A. Elanic is doing a great job when it comes to customer support, as well as user interface. I am completely content with the app and all its features. Also, I am glad I can both buy and sell at ease from the same platform. alt Q. Which has been your most favourite sale so far?

A. My sales on jackets and sweaters have brought me a great response from the buyers. They seem to like my winter closet. These sales and good response encourages me to sell more in that category.

Q. What is your style of dressing?

A. I like to dress very casual and sporty. Mostly jeans, t-shirts or shirts are my every day choice. My style is reflected in the products that I sell also.

Q. Do you purchase from Elanic?

A. The celebrity closet is an excellent idea. I purchase from celebrity closets on Elanic. VJ Anusha’s closet is my favourite. I did buy a leather pants from her closet and it was one of my favourite buying experiences.

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