Elanic Seller Stories 38: Ismail Shah

Hailing from the commercial and entertainment capital of India, Mumbai, Mr. Ismail Shah is a traveller, and has working experiences with both telecommunication and e-commerce sectors. He thinks that his 7-year old daughter, Barira is his lucky charm, and hence his Elanic account goes on her name, Barira Fas.

Let’s have a look at how his journey on Elanic has been.

Q. When did you first encounter with Elanic?

A. Selling platforms have always caught my attention, and I came to know about Elanic two years back. I started exploring the app and began selling products on the app.

Q. What are the product categories that you sell the app?

A. My product categories vary from watches, jewellery to mainly all sorts of accessories. These products have been bringing me good response over this period of time and hence, I continue their sales on Elanic.

Q. Where are the products that you sell sourced from?

A. Mumbai is an ideal place to source products that fall into the category of accessories. I have a couple of wholesale dealers in the Mumbai market who help me to get the products that I intend to sell on Elanic. Q. What do you do with the money you make from Elanic?

A. The money that I earn from Elanic has a major role to play with my regular income. I use it for my livelihood and daily activities, as well as to carry the business forward on Elanic.

Q. What feature on the Elanic app has grabbed your attention?

A. The process to upload pictures is very less and we have a choice to schedule the time at which the product will be collected from my closet to reach to the seller. This is a very convenient idea when it comes to online selling.

Q. Which memory associated with Elanic is your favourite?

A. Out of the money I earned from Elanic, I threw a grand birthday party for my daughter and it made her extremely happy. This memory has been created with Elanic and it is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Q.How do you think Elanic is different from other selling platforms?

A. When it comes to the sale of pre-owned goods and their promotion, Elanic stays on top and I think a lot of the other apps with similar functions could learn or adapt to several features that Elanic has. In fact, I have found Elanic to be a great platform for the interaction between a buyer and seller.

Q. How has your selling experience on Elanic been?

A. Elanic delivers features that are good enough to get my sales done at the right time. This has always helped me to cling on to Elanic and continue my business. Also, the user interface and customer support are efficient and helpful. Because of these reasons, I have had a satisfactory experience as a seller on Elanic.

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