Trend Report 48: 2018 Trends!

Pay some close attention to what’s been popular on the streets and runways. Because it’s time to wrap up in style! Here are the key looks to add to your radar.

This week’s #DetailonRetail is all about trends.

Scroll down and flash through the trends you must follow in 2018!

1. Trench coats
Not only is it a stylish outerwear, it also goes with just about every darn thing in your closet. This effortlessly chic trend is out again!

2. High socks
You don’t have to go back to school to rock the high socks. Wear them when you’re out and about to make a statement.

3. Belts
A stylish addition to the big buckle is on trend. Belts never actually went anywhere, but a recent surge in popularity makes it seem like they’ve made quite a comeback.

4. Trousers
Looking for trends that reflect your smart sense of style? With comfort and versatility, back in action is again the trousers!

Wait no more! Sell now!