Affordable Ways To Say"I LOVE YOU"!

Whether your BAE is a traveller, a homebody, a college grad, or a homely cook, a gift that feels personal and thoughtful always is heart-warming. As much as you want to woo your significant other, we get it – you’re on a low budget! Being broke is no excuse to not make your love feel special. Looking for an affordable surprise for him? Your search stops here!

Take a quick look into the most affordable, yet cherishing ideas to give away a surprise to that special someone this Vday!

1.Date out!
Not all date ideas require an expensive dinner date that will clog up your credit card. It’s all about showing some love. Hence, if you’re running out of the budget, go with him for an outdoor date, by the pool, in the woods or beside the tropics. It’s big romance on a small budget!

2.The Essential Kit!
Spoil him this Valentine’s Day with a kit that he can’t go without! Pack all his essentials into one and gift him all that he needs anytime anywhere. Soap, shave gel, body wash, and face scrub! With undertones of that quintessential "male aftershave", he's sure to love his present every time he uses it!
3.Tie it, Pair it!
Get him a necktie that is versatile enough to wear to an interview, wedding, funeral or business event. Be it a solid, foulard or polka dot, this present of yours is going to be on him, anytime he needs a tie to complete the look. Good looks can come affordably!

4. DIY it is!
Anyone can open their wallet and plop down cash for a nice present. But the gifts that mean the most are the ones you make for your loved one. Knowing someone spent their time crafting something just for you is truly special. Make a handmade gift to perfect the day of love!

5.Shoe shine!
A gift that he will swoon over is around the corner. Dirt brush, shoe cream, polisher, shoe cleaner all under the same roof. A shoe care kit is an ideal choice to make him happy within your budget. It’s about time for a postseason polish-up!

The key to speaking love language has nothing to do with the price tag, it is the thought that matters the most! So go on and make your loved one feel special this valentines.