Elanic Seller Stories 39: Sushant Kayangude

A native of the city of dreams, Mumbai, Sushant Kayangude is a post graduate and currently working with the IT sector. Other than his professional background, Sushant is also a sports person and indulges himself in both cricket and football.

Let’s have a look into his journey with Elanic.

Q. How did you encounter with Elanic?

A. I heard about Elanic for the first time through word of mouth. I knew a few buyers, who were buying from Elanic, and they suggested this to be a good platform to sell products. This is how I started using Elanic.

Q. What products do you sell on Elanic?

A. Initially, I began selling watches on Elanic. But, later on I realised that the sales for makeup and cosmetics were much more ideal on such an app. Currently I sell makeup and beauty products for women on the app. Q. Where do you source your products from?

A. I source my products from the Mumbai market only. I have a couple of relatives who are dealers of similar products and hence, they are the source of my products.

Q. What do you do with the money earned from Elanic?

A. I keep using the money from Elanic for various purposes. I have other businesses as well, and the Elanic money helps me to maintain my financial stability. This money keeps rolling around in my life for various purposes.

Q. Which has been your favourite sale on the app?

A. Since quite a long time, my products are being sold in huge numbers. This huge counts of sale per day makes me happy and contented. Q. What is your favourite feature about the Elanic app?

A. The chat box that has been a late addition to the app proves to be very beneficial. This interaction between the buyer and seller is very convenient. Also, the pickup schedule is a convenient feature for sellers, since they decide the time and date.

Q. What tips would you like to give to our sellers for the betterment of sales?

A. I would like to provide tips for uploading better pictures. I suggest live and good quality images overstock or google images. This provides better assurance of the product and its quality. This can contribute to increasing sales over the course of time.

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