How to not look cheesy whilst wearing red this month

The most awaited month of the year among the love-birds is on, which means your schedule consists of movies, dinner dates, or small get-aways. Now like every other occasion, we girls need a reason to overthink our OOTDs and ultimately shop something which no one has. Here is a list of ideas that you can go for if you want to incorporate the colour of love in your outfit but looking like a red rose is not your cup of tea.

1. Mustard:

Quite unpredictably, though mustard and red are both warm tinges, they compliment each other way too well. Pair a mustard top with a red bottom or vice-versa and you're set to be the modern, unconventional trend setter.


2. Pink:

A combination of pink and red is all fashion-girl's darling choice. Go for an elegant look by coupling a pink shirt tucked under a red pencil skirt. Also, to add bonus points to the look, opt for a shirt with statement sleeves.

3. Metallic Silver:

To keep pace with the current metallic rage, a metallic silver bottom given its icy hues, can make the red look more vibrant. One can never really go wrong with this pairing. So go do some justice to your silver babies this V-Day.


4. Camel:

Move away from the established black and white and welcome camel as your new favorite neutral. Needless to say, it sets awesome with the colour red and appears a tad bit more expensive. Picking a camel overcoat over a black or white one is the best decision any day.

5. Blue:

The best way to appear sexy without being over the top is to pair a modest red top with a blue denim skirt. Being one of the all time classic, go-to look, it crisps up a casual outfit immensely with no extra effort. Planning on a coffee date this V-Day, have a dig at this look and girl, you're sure to slay.


6. Grey:

Another eccentric neutral favorite among the fashionistas is the colour grey. Given that it goes with almost any hue, the colour red is no exception. A red solid top paired with grey chinos is the holy grail outfit for those who have a date right after work.

7. Army Green:

The colours army green and red stand on completely opposite poles in the colour chart. However when paired together, these contrasting hues makes for an astonishing outfit perfect to impress your already impressed beau.


Well, go ahead. Look cute and have a blast this month with bae!