Trend Report 49: Cartoon Crush!

Cartoon characters!! Where to begin describing just how cute they are? That’s exactly why everyone absolutely loves them! These squishy-mushy characters definitely take your heart away!

This week’s #DetailonRetail is all about your favourite characters.

Have a look at the trending cartoon characters this week!

1. Minions
From their crazy language to the silly things they do, they are totally loveable, huggable, and hysterical. And not just that it's everyone's fav so time to stock up minion products for a quick sale!

2. Mickey Mouse
If there’s a mouse that’s a superstar, it definitely is Mr Mickey! Though he has been wearing the same clothes for more than 85 years, he is just as young as he always was! So stock up Micky mouse products for all the fans.

3. Batman
Everybody loves superheroes. There's none better than this caped crusader to choose for. Fighting crime since 1939, he or merchandised products are here to stay. So keep them stocked.

4. Hello Kitty
The cat without a mouth speaks only from her heart. Miss kitty white is above 40 years old, and still manages to be every girl’s dream cat! Kids love cute and pretty things so make sure you have them in stock to grab all the sellers.

What are you waiting for? Sell now!