Elanic Seller Stories 40: Sudhanshu

From the city that never sleeps, Mumbai, hails an M.com postgraduate, who has become a successful professional seller on Elanic. Mr. Sudhanshu owns an account in the name of free_giftonevery_buy, and has taken online selling to be a successful full-time business.

Here’s how his journey on Elanic has been.

Q. How did you have your first encounter with Elanic?

A. I was in the process of looking for online platforms that helped me start a business and sell products conveniently. I found out about Elanic from the internet and began my sales on this app.

Q. What are your product categories that are put for sale?

A. My product categories include home décor, small home furniture and watches.

Q. Where are your products sourced from?

A. The products that I sell on Elanic are mostly imported. They are not available in India, which is why my products have good demand with the buyers. Mostly, the products are exported from China.

Q. What do you do with the money you earn from Elanic?

A. I have become a full-fledged online seller, and the money from Elanic contributes to my source of income. I use it for my personal benefits and for the continuity of my business.

Q. What are your hobbies other than selling online on Elanic?

A. I travel quite a lot and I am a family man. I engage myself in all sorts of family functions, and keep in regular contact with people across various parts of the world. This helps me travel to different places and take part in different functions within the family.

Q. What is the most favourite feature of yours on the app?

A. There is spontaneous money transfer within three days of sales, and also the return policy is very convenient for both buyer and seller. Q. How do you think Elanic differs from other selling platforms?

A. Spontaneous money transfer, lesser congestion of seller policies, and flexible and convenient operations are a highlight for Elanic. The user interface forces no inconveniences on its buyers and sellers, unlike other similar platforms.

Q. Which has been your most favorite sale?

A. I try to make my buyers happy by giving multi-products for genuine prices. The buyer response so far is very pleasing and that gives me immense pleasure.

Q. What tips would you like to give to other sellers to sell faster?

A. Buyer happiness must be a priority for all the Elanic sellers. A pretty catalog with combo products will get your more views and more buyers. Hence, to have a faster and more efficient sale, it would be likely to make your closet look prettier and provide a combo of products at affordable rates.

Check his closet!