Elanic Seller Stories 41: Reena Dwivedi

From the city known as “Queen of the Deccan” Pune, hails Mrs. Reena Dwivedi, who has become a successful professional seller on Elanic.

The mother of young Aradhya tells us how Elanic has made her life better.

Q. How did you venture into being a successful full-time seller?

A. In 2016, I started an account on Elanic in the name of my daughter Aradhya, and began selling my pre-owned clothing. The response that I got for my products was way beyond my expectation. I realized that Elanic was a great platform to sell. Hence, I started a new account in my name to sell new products, and that has completely changed my look upon e-commerce.

Q. What type of products do you sell on Elanic?

A. I sell women’s wear as well as bags on Elanic. I usually prefer products that are suitable for the younger generation of women. Q. Where do you source your products from?

A. I often source my products from the local market in Pune. It’s very convenient and close to my residence. I also travel often to Mumbai, so I buy a few products in bulk from the markets, since there are better choices in the metro city.

Q. For what purpose do you use the money earned from Elanic?

A. My daughter is my world. So I have secured the money I earn from Elanic for my daughter’s future. I have deposited all the money in my daughter’s name in the bank.

Q. Which has been your favorite sale so far?

A. The response that I get for my products is remarkably great. It gives me immense pleasure and also, I feel valued. Each and every sale is a memorable one.

Q. Most memorable experience on the app?

A. As an unemployed housewife, I have started earning thousands from home. I no more feel unemployed, and my time and my efforts are lost no more. I earn a minimum of 10,000 every month and this is a huge achievement for me.

Q. What’s your favorite feature about Elanic?

A. You don’t have to spend anything on advertising or marketing your products. All you need to do is start an account in Elanic and list your products. The app’s user interface is very simple, and the listing of products is an effortless task compared to other e-commerce platforms.

Q. Would you suggest Elanic to others? Why?

A. The support and encouragement that the app provides to people who stay back at home are tremendous. Hence, I would suggest Elanic to all the housewives, because I think, they are the ones who need Elanic the most.

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