Trend Report 51: 90's Trend is Back!

They say fashion repeats itself after every few years, and now it seems like that’s absolutely true! From Bollywood to our closets, the trends from the 90s are making a comeback now!

This week’s #DetailonRetail is all about the 90s!

Have a look at the trends in the 90s that have made their way into 2018!

1. Sunglasses
They were wacky and big, but the sunglasses that Bollywood stars wore in the 90s was definitely a trendsetter. And they are back again! Stock your closets with some 90s sunglasses as its demand rises.

2. Hoops
The 90's hoop earrings are back with a bang! We absolutely loved the way Raveena Tandon wore it in “Divya Shakti”. Now that you know the hoops are back, list them in your closet for quick sales.

3. Mini skirt
The late 90s fashion for women was definitely inspired by Rani Mukherjee in “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”. Miniskirts from the 90s have made a comeback. Do not forget to list them right away!

4. Checked shirt
Checkered shirts were definitely a highlight of the 90s era! And guess what? It’s the next big thing in 2018! So make sure to have some checkered shirts in your closet for quick sales!
What are you waiting for? Sell now!