What is ‘My Looks’ and why should you use it?

Have trouble pairing the pretty black top you like? Not sure if a gray pair of denim would go with a pink top? Want to give more visibility to the products in your store or closet?

Here is a solution to all your problems!

‘My Looks’ on the app is a new way to discover stylish products, create great outfit looks and shop the products you love. It’s an easy-to-use tool that lets you mix and match products from all the products in the app to create collages called "looks".

After you have created a look, you can publish and share it with your friends inside and outside the Elanic community.


For Buyers:

Helps you discover more products on the app to shop from. Discover looks created by other community members to help you stay on trend. Helps you create looks before you purchase so that you make an informed decision.

For Sellers:

Increases your products’ visibility. Create looks with your products helping buyers to get a better understanding of the style. Best looks will be featured and this can result in your product getting sold faster.

How to create LOOKS:

  • To get started, click on the side menu ( ≡ ) in the Elanic app and tap on My Looks.
  • Click here to access My Looks
  • Tap on 'Create a new Look' and choose a suitable layout from the various options. alt
  • There are four slots which are fixed category wise. Click on the empty slots in order to fill it. Filling all the four slots is mandatory. (For eg: If a slot says topwear, please select a topwear).
  • Please note you can add only one product from your closet.
  • You can adjust the layout and also pinch to zoom images in the slot.


  • Browse through an endless number of products. You could also search for a particular style or particular product. Eg: Crop tops alt alt

  • Similarly fill the other categories.

  • Once you have created the look, save it and publish. When you click on the publish icon, you would be asked to enter the title for the look you have created. Eg: Street Style!
  • You can also add appropriate hashtags to your looks and help them get discovered faster. For eg: #streetstylelook alt

  • After publishing the look, you will be able to view the products you have used to create the look. You can shop the products by clicking on them individually. alt Once you click on a product you will be able to view looks created with the particular item, helping you pair perfect products with it.

  • After you have created a look, you can publish and share it with your friends inside and outside the Elanic community, like Instagram, Facebook etc.

Click here to browse through Looks on the app.