Elanic Seller Stories 42: Tania Liza Ninan

A native of Bangalore and a final year architecture student, Tania Liza Ninan admits that she is a compulsive shopper, and now with Elanic, also a great seller! She loves the fact that after downloading Elanic, she has the opportunity to make some easy cash out of her closet’s least desired products!

Let’s look into how her journey on Elanic has been!

Q. How did you find out about Elanic?

A. I remember rummaging through my wardrobe one day to find the perfect dress for a party and ended up creating a mess of my room. That’s when I realized that my closet has a lot of unused products cluttered down there. I googled online shopping apps where I could buy and sell, and Elanic happened to be on the top as a Life Saver!!!

Q. What got you hooked on to selling on the app?

A. I got hooked the day I sold my first product. The whole idea was completely new to me, and I remember that strange satisfaction that I’m sure every seller on the app is aware of by now!

Q. What kind of products do you sell?

A. I sell pretty much everything, ranging from clothes, bags, toys, books, accessories, shoes etc.

Q. How would you describe your personal style?

A. Black is my favorite color. I have a lot of things in my closet that goes in black ranging from clothes to footwear to accessories. My footwear, a black dress and hair accessories are what I always prefer to style myself!

Q. Do you purchase from Elanic?

A. I do buy as well from Elanic. I purchase a lot of clothes and accessories from the app, and I also have a couple of favorite sellers from whom I shop!

Q. What has been your favorite purchase?

A. My favorite purchase would be The People Blazer – a floral pink and blue one, which I bought from a favorite seller’s closet. Every time I wore it, I have received great compliments for it!

Q. Of what use do you put the money you earn from Elanic?

A. I use the money from Elanic for my personal benefits. I make around 40k every month. But, I also spend fairly the same amount shopping on the app. The money helps me buy what I desire and then sell it when I don’t wear it anymore.

Q. Have you had a memorable experience with the app?

A. The earnings that I have made from the app, has helped me pay the EMI for my iPhone. All credits for my favorite phone goes to the app and my role as a seller on Elanic!

Q. What suggestions would you give to other sellers for better sales?

A. What worked for me as a seller was good pictures. A pretty listing always attracts buyers. Also, it is equally important to keep the buyers updated. I make sure that the buyer has a clear idea about my product. I often give them details on the style, how to pair them and what goes best with it.

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