An Inspiring Success Story: Elanic Seller Sourapriya

A woman can always find happiness at the mercy of others, be it her father, brother or husband. It's a love that is undefinable above all others. Here's an inspiring story of Sourapriya, a seller on Elanic, which justifies the fact that there is no love greater than that of a sister.

Sourapriya is the winner of our Women's Day contest where sellers were asked about the best thing that they have done for someone. And her story is truly one to get inspired from.

A native of Kolkata, she runs her own business associated with merchant navy. Let's have a look at her journey.

Q. Describe your personal style. What's your go-to outfit?

A. I wear everything from denim jeans to ethnic kurtas. Comfort is what really matters when I dress up. Also, it depends on the place that I am going to and the people I shall meet that day.

Q. As a woman, what has been your goal in life?

A. Ever since childhood, my ultimate goal in life was to be an independent woman who has her own will. I never wanted to depend on anybody for a living I have worked hard to reach where I am today.

Q.What is the biggest thing that you have done for someone?

A. I always wanted to study but I had to sacrifice my education after 12th so that my younger brother would get a fruitful career and make us all proud. I still don't regret sacrificing anything for him.

Q. How did you take care of your brother? What were your struggles?

A. My father passed away when I was very young. I was only in grade 8 when I was left alone with a little brother and my mother. I struggled hard and completed my education till grade 12. After that, I had to give it up when I realized that my brother was very bright in his studies and only either one of us could manage being educated. Since then I've tried my best to make sure he would do well in his studies.

Q. What does your brother do now? Does it make you happy?

A. My brother has completed his graduation and is planning to go abroad for further studies. In every step of life he has made me proud and helped me realize that the decision I had taken years back was absolutely right.

Q. When and how did you decide to start using Elanic?

A. I had my first encounter with Elanic via bloggers who wrote about the app. The idea seemed to be a clever one and I began with selling my pre-owned clothing on the app. The responses were great and now I am a frequent seller.

Q. What about Elanic excites you the most?

A. I shop often from Elanic and I love the fact that you get quality products at cheaper prices on the app. There are a lot of brands that I like which are available on the app at prices that I can afford. This is an exciting thing about the app.

Q. What products do you sell on the app? Where are they sourced from?

A. The products that I sell on Elanic are my pre-owned products. There are also certain products that are new and with tags. I buy them because I like them, and end up realizing that they don't suit me or are not my size.

Q. Of what use do you put the money you earn from Elanic?

A. I don't prefer spending much. All my earnings from Elanic are saved for future. I would put it to use when I need it the most.

Q. What is your most favorite feature of the app?

A. The chat feature is a highlight because it gives you an opportunity to talk to different buyers and sellers. I have been able to make a few friends via the chat option on the app.

Q. Would you encourage other women to use the app? Why?

A. Most of the people throw their clothes away after a certain number of uses or when it no more fits them. And I think reuse is a great idea put forwarded by Elanic. It also helps women sitting back home to earn some easy cash. This is why I would suggest Elanic to everyone I know.

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