Trend report 53: Crop tops

Whether you're off to college, work or hanging out with friends, tops are a basic necessity for your daily OOTD(Outfit Of The Day). Hence, we did some digging to find out the one style of top that is loved by a majority of our buyers. The answer to that is CROP TOPS.

This week's #DetailOnRetail is on crop tops!

Scroll down for deets about our most sold category on the app.

What is a Crop top?

A crop top is also known as cropped top, belly shirt, midriff top or a cutoff shirt.
A crop top is slightly shorter than the regular/basic tops and is specially designed that way to expose the naval or the waistline.

1. Demand for crop tops is 3 times more than that of any other type of top. alt

2. 25% of the crop tops were sold within the first 5 days. alt

3. The price point you should be selling the crop tops. alt

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