Elanic Seller Story 44: Faizan Patel

A native of the “rich cultural state of India” - Gujarat, Mr. Faizan Patel is a young entrepreneur by profession. This 24-year-old graduate tells us about how he has become a successful entrepreneur at such a young age.
Let ’s have a look at his journey with Elanic.

Q. Could you tell us a little about yourself?
A. I am a native of Baroda and live with my family which encompasses of my younger brother, sister and my parents. I am a graduate in computer engineering. Currently, I run my own online business for a living.

Q. Describe your personal style. Are you a fashion conscious individual?
A. I am not a fashion conscious person. Since I go out mostly for the purpose of business, I prefer dressing up in formals. I also feel confident and comfortable in them.

Q. What are your leisure time activities?
A. I am a movie buff, therefore I watch a lot of movies. I also love cricket. During my free time I play cricket with my friends in Baroda or watch matches on TV.

Q. How did you encounter with Elanic?
A. A few years back I had a small scale business where I sold products within my locality. That is when my sister's friend introduced me to Elanic. She had been selling on the app and getting good responses. I tried doing the same and found the platform to be beneficial for my business.

Q. Being a computer graduate, what led you to do a business on Elanic?
A. I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I finished my graduation and worked for a year. I later realized that it had less scope and that my interests were different. So Elanic seemed to be the best platform to start with.

Q. What do you sell on Elanic?
A. I sell cosmetic and beauty products on Elanic. They have been bringing huge responses since my first day on the app and are in great demand.

Q. Why did you decide to sell cosmetic and beauty products on the app?
A. While I was looking for a category which I could sell and make money in, my sister and a close friend from school came up with the idea of selling cosmetics. In today’s lifestyle, makeup and cosmetic products have an important role to play in every woman’s life. Hence, I decided to sell them on the app.

Q. Where do you source your products from?
A. I have a wholesale dealer in Mumbai from whom I source my products. I source products once a month and sell them on Elanic. However, if the products get sold faster I source twice a month.

Q. How much do you earn from Elanic?
A. I am extremely pleased with the responses and earnings that I make out of the app. I earn between Rs.20, 000 – Rs.25, 000 per month. It is a fairly good amount for a young entrepreneur like me. I had started my business with the money that a friend had lent me. I was able to return it all back and now I have my own savings. This gives me immense pleasure.

Q. Of what use do you put the money you earn?
A. A part of the money that I earn from Elanic is used to continue my online business. I source more products with it and the rest goes into my savings.

Q. What is your most favorite feature on the app?
A. As a seller, I think Elanic store is the branded storefront for my business. My customers follow the store and get updates about my recent activities. It has helped me take my business a step forward. My sales have increased and my products have gained more views due to the same.

Q. What memory associated with Elanic would you like to share with us?
A. Elanic often conducts contests for sellers. In one of the recent contests my products were the second highest among the most sold category. I was glad to know that my closet was doing pretty well and I want to thank Elanic for the support.

Q. What tips would you like to give other sellers for better performance on the app?
A. It is very essential that you keep your buyers updated with new products and give them a timely response. Always try to understand the expectations of your target buyers and make sure that mistakes don’t occur from your side. The chat option enables a good communication between the buyer and the seller. Make the most out of this feature to increase sales.

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