Elanic Seller Story 45: Pratikhya Gouda

Pratikhya Gouda is a young entrepreneur who hails from Odisha – the eastern part of India that is home to hundreds of temples. She is a final year B.Com student and has her Elanic account in the name gscosmetics.

Let’s have a look at her life as a professional seller on Elanic.

Q. Could you tell us a little about yourself?

A. I live in Bhubaneshwar with my parents and my brother. I am a fond traveler and like to explore and discover new ideas. I also like to dance in my free time. It makes me happy and energetic.

Q. Describe your personal style.

A. I prefer dressing up in western wear over ethnic. I update my wardrobe with latest trends and try being stylish. Eye catchy styles and popping colors are my favorite.

Q. Are you a frequent shopper?

A.** I love shopping and I am a frequent online shopper. Elanic is a great platform to shop. I end up buying shoes and flats mostly because of my secret obsession with footwear.

Q. How has it been to sell on Elanic?

A.** My experience as a seller on Elanic has been very good. Ever since my first sale, huge responses and co-operative customers have kept me hooked on the app. It has been just 6 months since my first sale and I am glad that I don’t have to wait for orders. I get orders the moment I upload new products.

Q. How did you encounter with Elanic?

A.** I came across Elanic on Instagram one day when I was searching for a good platform to sell. I had been using other platforms but was dissatisfied since these platforms gave more importance to buyers over sellers. I am glad I found out about Elanic at the right time.

Q. What products do you sell on Elanic and where are they sourced from?

A.** I sell branded cosmetic products on Elanic which I purchase from importers based in Dubai and UK.

Q. What do you do with your earnings on Elanic?

A.** I earn up to 25,000 on Elanic every month. A part of my savings is kept aside for my future business and the remaining earnings are kept aside for charity activities that I do often.

Q. What are the charity activities of which you are a part?

A. There is an orphanage close to my house in Bhubaneshwar where I donate a part of my earnings. I feel satisfied from within by being a part of such activities. I have plans to help more people in the future.

Q. Would you like to share a special memory associated with Elanic?

A. The chat option on the app has enabled me to keep a healthy relationship with my customers. I have been able to establish a trust with my buyers which has, in turn, resulted in greater demand for my products. This has boosted my confidence as a young entrepreneur.

Q. What are your business plans? How did you decide on becoming an entrepreneur?

A. Elanic has been a huge inspiration for my future business. I am planning to start my own online shopping website. The way in which Elanic is growing, it has motivated me to do the same. I am encouraging all my friends to use Elanic and they are all extremely happy with the services provided.

Q. What is your favorite feature on the app?

A. The groups feature is a major highlight for all the sellers on Elanic. By sharing products on groups, the visibility of the products and responses from buyers increase to a large extent.

Q. Would you like to give any tips to other sellers?

A. I would suggest that when you sell a product, do not consider about your profit alone but also about your buyers. Reliable pricing is an attribute that will get you more buyers. Also, it is important to make a pretty and attractive listing. More than 90% of the images in my closet are the ones that I have clicked by myself. All it takes is a little effort and time but the results are great.

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