5 ways to style a single LBD.

Yes, a Little Black Dress is every girl's timeless, closet staple because it brings sophistication and a sense of put-togetherness. But truth be told, it needs to be updated every once in a while. Now now, before you panic, a single LBD is enough to make all the difference. We show you 5 ways to oomph up your LBD game in a way that it's easy on your pocket yet majorly versatile.

1. The Layering Game:

If the occasion demands a semi-formal dress-code, then the best way to tackle this style would be layering an extra large shirt over an LBD. Wear a belt on top to accentuate your waist area and girl, you'll talk business.


2. The Carefree Damsel:

An outing with your girlfriends or a day out shopping demands you to be comfortable yet look flattering. Throw in a denim jacket over the LBD and a quirky hat to complete the look. You are now officially ready to have fun.

3. Ze' Modest Mademoiselle:

Be the belle of the ball by showing up in a mesh skirt over an LBD. Using silhouettes can complement the natural curve of your body, giving the onlookers a low-key glimpse of what lies beneath.

4. The Little Miss Bombshell:

A shimmery top worn over an LBD is the best getup for a club-hopping scene. A black strappy heel and a hint of confidence are all that you need to drive the crowd on fire.

5. The Soirée Diva:

Now let's not forget that a simple LBD also has a lot to speak for itself. To put a little strut to your stride try a figure slimming body-con dress and be the elegance that you are to light up the soirée.

Now Ladies, you are all set to tackling the LBD for every occasion that life throws at you.