Elanic Seller Stories 46: Chandu Yadav

A B.tech graduate, a bike stuntman and a young enthusiast, Chandu Yadav hails from Hyderabad – The Pearl City. He is new on Elanic and is already doing well as a seller. His closet on Elanic is in the name chandu.90.

Let’s take a glance into his journey as a seller on Elanic.

Q. Describe yourself in a few words.
I am an engineering graduate and currently working as a software tester in Hyderabad.

Q. How did you come to know about Elanic?
Before being a seller on Elanic, I used to sell on other platforms. One of my frequent buyers told me about Elanic four months back. That is when I came to know about Elanic.

Q. What products do you sell on Elanic and where do you source them from?
I sell mobile accessories and small gift items on the app. Most of my products are imported from China. The rest of the products are sourced from a vendor who I know in Ahmadabad.

Q. How much do you earn on Elanic?
I do not keep a correct record of my earnings on the app. More than profit, it is the happiness of selling that keeps me hooked to the app. However, I have earned up to 10k or more per month on the app.

Q. What do you do with your earnings from Elanic?
I use my earnings from Elanic to carry my business forward. I really like selling on the app and look forward to continuing doing the same. It is a great platform to showcase the things that you like and make money out of it.

Q. What is the pricing strategy that you follow for your products?
I make sure that the pricing for my products is reasonable and low. The more reasonable your price, the better your sales. This is why I have received a lot of orders and good responses within a small time frame.

Q. What is your favorite feature in the app?
Listing your items and getting featured on the app is completely free of cost on Elanic. Also, the policy that Elanic follows to credit the money after a sale is reliable. These are my favorite features on the app.

Q. How do you think Elanic is different from other platforms?
Compared to other selling platforms, the logistics and courier service provided by Elanic is very beneficial. All that the seller has to do is schedule a pickup and the rest is taken care of. This feature is something other selling platforms should adapt to.

Q. Which has been your favorite sale so far?
Earphones have brought me great responses and earnings. It is the top selling product from my closet.

Q. Is there any memorable experience associated with Elanic that you would like to share?
Through the chat option, you get to interact with complete strangers who are your buyers and some of them turn out to be really close and loyal to you.

Q. What tips would you like to give to our sellers?
Sell what you love and it will give you both sales and happiness. Never opt for a category that you are not interested in just because it can give you a good profit.

Q. What are your future plans?
I am planning to expand my business on Elanic and sell products as per the demand of my customers. I look forward to having a good entrepreneurship with the app.

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