8 Hairstyles To Take Over The Salons!

Out with the old and in with the new! Experiment with extremes, and settle for the best. Coz, if you’re looking for some badass hairstyle, there is no better time than now to switch up your hairdo. Beat the crowd with these salon sweeping hairstyles curated for you!

Here are the must-hairdos of 2018!

1.Blunt Bob and Bangs:
A shoulder gazing, choppy style to accentuate your jawline. Try this A-list hairstyle because it’s sleek, chic, polished and it’s popping just about everywhere this season.

2. The Curtain bangs:
If you are a complete chop-phobe and is looking for a way to refresh your barnet, then curtain bangs are the right answer. This Brigitte Bardot style has a bump in popularity now.

3. Pixie pack
If you are the gaming type, a bit of a tomboy at heart or simply want to shake things up a little, go for a straight crop and get the pixie look. It’s an effortless style to carry today.
4. Bubble up
Running behind late and need a quick idea to look stylish? Bring a bubble pony into the play. Here is a must have hairdo which is a go-to-go style for all seasons.
5. Return of the Scrunchie
Low and at the nape of the neck is a sophisticated neat look to follow. The 90’s style is chicer than ever. Elevate your tied up style and let it go down coz your strands have a new take on.
6. Braid fantasy
Twist and twirl with a pleasant hairstyle for any hair type. Whether you’re on duty or bedhead off duty, braids are the perfect sassy. Brush and braid is the new trend!
7. Nirvana Blonde
With the 90s chic vibe, here is a new member in town, The Nirvana Blonde named by Selena Gomez. This platinum shade is a perfect idea to dabble with for a new look.
8. Wet Hair is in
Nail that “I just got out of shower” look now! Dribbling from 2017 to 2018 is a bonafide beauty statement, striding the line between edgy and sexy.

Trim, grow, wet, dry! Experiment these trends to up your style game!