Elanic Seller story 47 : Varsha Jain

Varsha is a housewife and sells on Elanic. She is based out of Mumbai, Borivali. We got in touch with her and she told us about her journey on Elanic.
This is her story :

Q. What do you do?

A. I’m a housewife. I was a tuition teacher before but I recently got married and so now I sell on Elanic now.

Q. How did you venture into being a professional seller?

A. My brother told me about Elanic and that you can buy and sell products on it. So with his help, I started selling on Elanic.

Q. How is selling on Elanic different than other platforms?

A. It is easier to upload items on Elanic as on other platforms it takes a lot of time and the process is very time-consuming. Whereas on Elanic I can upload through my phone at any time I want to alt Q. Where do you source your products from?

A. I source my products from wholesale markets in Mumbai. My brother owns a wholesale shop so I sometimes buy from him too.

Q. What do you do with the money you make on Elanic?

A. I usually reinvest my earnings on Elanic and sometimes donate to NGOs too. I have also supported my brother in his business by investing in his business with my earnings.

Q. Favorite sale?

A. A 32 GB Pendrive

Q. Most memorable experience/encounter on the app?

A. One of the customers had purchased a coin purchase from me and had told me that if she likes the product she would tell her friends about it and buy more. She later bought 10 more similar pouches from me. This was a memorable experience. alt

Q. Tips for selling faster for other users?

A. Buy from wholesale in bulk and then sell them at lower prices compared to the others. This will make the customers choose you over the other sellers.

Q. What’s your favorite feature on Elanic that makes your selling easy?

A. The direct shipment option has been very helpful as now my products reach the buyers within 3 days and this makes them happy and so they tend to buy again.

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