5 Lipsticks that Every Woman Must-Have!

Choosing the right lipstick shade can get tricky. Especially when considering the huge variety of shades available in the market! 😅

To make things easier, we're giving you 5 essential shades that are a must-have!

1. Red

A red hue is an essential part of everyone's lipstick collection! This bold colour is a perfect choice for any occasion from ladies' night to a fancy wedding party!

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2. Pink

From hot pink, magenta pink to baby pink, this color is fun, friendly and totally girly! It goes well with any outfit and is suitable for anything you've planed be it a brunch with a bestie or a movie with your Bae. 😉

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3. Nude

A nice nude shade is a must these days and is a perfect everyday wear. It looks amazing with a bold smokey eye and adds charm to your face without exaggerating your makeup.

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4. Peach

Opting for a variant of this bright hue is definitely a good choice for when you want a bright look that isn't too over the top for any occasion.

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5. Brown

Our final recommendation is this cocoa-inspired hue. This dusky choice is a perfect match for the Indian skin tone and goes well with any outfit choice.

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