5 Indian Fashion Brands Who Love The Environment

With World Environment Day coming up, it's important to keep our impact on the environment in mind. Especially with the fashion industry being the second major source of pollution.

However, there are many new Indian fashion brands who've found the right balance between fashionable & environment-friendly. Today we're talking about 5 of them to raise awareness!

1. No Nasties

Started in 2011, this apparel company provides fashionable apparel which is eco-friendly and extremely stylish! Their entire process from manufacture to supply is certified as fair trade by Shop for Change NGO & meets the requirements of the Global Organic Textile Standards.

2. Upasana

Upasana is one of the oldest environment savvy companies currently in the market, having been around since 1997. They have been creating eco-friendly fashion products by going completely organic and also recycling old fabric scraps to create simple but striking designs!

3. Doodlage

This fashion label runs purely on the idea of recycling discarded textile fabric from large manufacturers & other sources to create unique patchwork looks. They were even featured as part of Lakme's Fashion Week 2017 for their design choices!

4. Ethicus

Ethicus stands out as one of the few creators of beautiful handwoven sarees using organic cotton and natural dyes. Each of their designs is also provided with a label with the weaver's picture and the number of days they took to finish the job.

5. Do U Speak Green

'Do U Speak Green' aims to match a person's aesthetic choices with their sense of ethics. They design and manufacture apparel for both men and women using environment-friendly methods & organic sources at affordable rates.