Fashion Guide 1 : Kurtis

Available in different types and styles, Kurtis are a popular choice among all women. Hence selling them on the app gives you a good chance to make a sale.

Here are a few things one should keep in mind before listing your product :
1. Name the type of your kurti correctly.
2. Make sure the spelling of your product is correct.
3. Place them in the right category.

Creating a perfect listing helps in faster discovery of the product on the app via search or filter and thus quicker sale.

Here is a quick guide of 5 most selling kurtis on the app:

1. A line kurti

An A-line kurti is a kurti that reaches to the calf or ankle and it has flares from the waist for making ‘A’ shaped panel.
alt 2. Anarkali

An Anarkali suit consists of a long frock-like top and slim fitted bottoms. It comes in different embroidery styles and lengths, floor-length being the most well known.
alt 3. Flared kurti

Flared kurtis are long kurtis where the hemline opens up on both the sides, adding a little bounce to the outfit, and that’s what makes these attractive.
alt 4. Workwear kurti

Workwear kurtis are kurtis with straight hemline with long sleeves and give a professional look. These are usually fitted and below knee length.
alt 5. High low kurti

High-low kurtis are another variant that falls under the asymmetrical bucket. Except these do not have a definition or a straight hemline.


Remember that listing the right kind of product in the right category can double your sales.

Quick look as to how to create a listing :