Take A Selfie While Doing Yoga or Dancing today

June 21st isn't just the day of the Summer Solstice. There's plenty of special occasions to celebrate & we've got the perfect recommendations for all of them. Get to the end of it all for a special surprise as well (No peeking!πŸ˜‰)

1. World Selfie Day 🀳

Today you get to celebrate your craze for the perfect selfies! Whether you're shooting the perfect solo shot or an ambitious group selfie you'll always look your best with-

1. Stunning Selfie Kurtis

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2. Stylish Sunglasses

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2. International Day of Yoga 🧘

Whether you're doing it to stay healthy or for connecting to your spiritual self, yoga is an amazing beneficial practice. Make the best of today by starting or restarting your exercises with-

1. Comfortable Yoga Pants

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2. Practical Sports Bras

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3. World Music Day 🎼

World Music Day recognizes the constant evolution & positive impact that music plays in our lives. This year celebrate the tunes & melodies that make you sway in the best attire-

  1. Exotic Anarkalis

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  1. Glamorous Maxi Dresses

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Finally since it's the longest day in the year today, we felt the best way to spend those extra hours would be an amazing shopping spree! Which is why we've got the following offers for you-

1. Up to 80% off on all makeup! 😍

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2. Up to 80% off on all sarees! 😁

Happy shopping! πŸ˜‹