Elanic Seller Story 52: Vipul Jain

Vipul Jain is a professional seller who hails from Surat. We spoke to him this week as part of our weekly commitment to feature sellers & their experience on Elanic.
This is his story.

Q. What do you do?

A. I'm a full time seller who sells outfits from my manufacturing business both online & offline.

Q. How did you venture into being a professional seller?

A. I first heard about Elanic when someone tried selling me their products from their online store. As a seller myself, I decided to try it out & have been selling my products on it since!

Q. How is selling on Elanic different than other platforms?

A. Selling on Elanic is a much better experience compared to other online platforms. Chatting with customers makes selling much easier. I'm able to find new customers quicker which makes selling easy.

Q. Where do you source your products from?

A. The sarees that I sell are all sourced by me via my manufacturing business.

Q. What do you do with the money you make on Elanic?

A. Currently the money I earn through Elanic goes back into my business. I reinvest to ensure more products are being sold & I'm able to satisfy a growing customer base.

Q. What was your favorite sale on the app?

A. I've had a lot of success selling a variety of sarees on the app. So it's honestly a bit hard to select a favourite product!

Q. Most memorable experience/encounter on the app?

A. Honestly finding interested new buyers for my outfits is always a memorable experience. My outfits are sold within a day frequently!

Q. Any tips you could provide for other sellers?

A. Interacting with customers is vital. Don't hesitate to bargain with them if required. It's possible to find the best price that keeps everyone happy & leads to a better experience.

Q. What’s your favorite feature on Elanic that makes selling easy?

A. Quite frankly I'm happy with every feature on Elanic. I'm able to upload products easily, the shipping service is smooth & I receive payments promptly. Elanic has been the best online outlet for me.

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