6 Picks To Style Like Ranveer Singh!

July 6th is a special day for all Bollywood fans. It's the birthday of none other than the industry's in-your-face star Ranveer Singh!

Since imitation is the closest to flattery, to celebrate his presence in our lifetime we've got 6 ways to imitate (but not duplicate) his eccentric style choices-

1. Printed Shirts

The birthday boy has on many occasions, opted for shirts & T-Shirts with bold prints and designs. A fashion choice which is a must-have for people looking at him for inspiration!

image alt text

2. Coloured Suits

Another extravagant fashion choice to consider is brightly coloured suits. Ranveer has never shied away from extremely bright colours & patterns, so neither should you!

image alt text

3. Sneakers

Keep it casual by mixing your looks with some sneakers. Be it casual or formal attire, Ranveer tends to don these comfy pairs for when the cameras are pointed at him!

image alt text

4. Formal Shoes

The man of the hour isn't afraid to keep it classy when required. There have been many instances where he complements his eccentric choices with smart formal shoes, so keep them handy!

image alt text

5. Sunglasses

Another recommendation to mimic Ranveer's unique looks is a pair of coloured sunglasses. Pick any colour apart from black & brown and with a dash of confidence you can look bold & handsome just like him!

image alt text

6. Joggers

Our final recommendation is a pair of comfortable joggers. Ranveer has opted for track pants quite frequently & isn't shy on being spotted wearing them, so neither should you!

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