Elanic Seller Story 55: Alka Singh

Alka is a professional seller who hails from Thane. We got in touch with her this week to talk about her experience as a seller on Elanic. This is her story.

Q. What is your profession?

A. I work as a high school teacher in a government school, apart from being a seller on Elanic.

Q. How did you venture into being a professional seller?

A. I was looking for a platform to sell jewellery from my manufacturing unit. I found Elanic & have been selling since then.

Q. How is selling on Elanic different than other platforms?

A. I'm quite happy with the payment system on Elanic. Payments are received within 2-3 days of a successful sale.


Q. Where do you source your products from?

A. All the jewellery I sell is sourced from a manufacturing unit I have access to.

Q. What do you do with the money you make on Elanic?

A. My earnings on Elanic support me other than my regular income. That way I feel more financially independent.

Q. What was your favorite sale on the app?

A. On Elanic my multi layered necklaces & earrings are quite popular!

Q. Most memorable experience/encounter on the app?

A. I'm just happy I can find a variety of customers happy with my products on the app.

Q. Any tips you could provide for other sellers?

A. The right price point is crucial for sales. Also using unique pictures attracts customers.

Q. What’s your favorite feature on Elanic that makes selling easy?

A. I'm happy with the speed of the shipping process for my sales.

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