Grand Shopping Ustav - Tips for Sellers!

Elanic is hosting “Grand Shopping Utsav” from 24th August 2018 to 26th August 2018.

In order to prepare our existing and new sellers for this Grand Shopping Utsav we have listed a few tips below:

Stock up on Inventory:

The event plans to attract customers from all across the country looking for unique and great products at affordable and best prices. You will see a boost in your sales if you update your closet and keep listing products. We recommend you to keep a track of your best selling products and restock those items. In case, you are a reseller, it’s advisable to source your products well in advance.

Here is a list of categories that sellers need to stock up for the event.

Correct Listing:

Below are some key points that you need to keep in mind while creating your listings:
1. Mention the category correctly and ensure that the spellings are correct
2. Fill in all the details - Product title, description and correct spellings.
3. Add Hashtags(#) - It is mandatory to add hashtags to your listings.
4. Products with correct hashtags will only be applicable for the campaign.
5. You can also add the hashtags to your already listed products, to be a part of the campaign.

Here is a list of categories that sellers need to stock up for the event.


We recommend you to add discounts in your profile as this would help your store in getting more sales. Elanic will give additional discount on the profiles that opt to give discounts. Only the profiles who fill this form will be valid for the additional discount from Elanic.

Opt for Direct Shipment:

On time delivery is necessary for a good customer experience. We highly recommend you to opt for Direct Shipment, as with this pickup method, the product is delivered faster, and you earn the money faster. For more details on Direct Shipment click here.


Good packaging is necessary so that the products are not damaged in transit. Ensure you pack the right product, and carefully pack tangible products, and keep it shipment ready for pick-up on time. In case you require packaging material, buy from the app here.


During an event, it is understood that buyers look for great offers, discounts, and variety at affordable prices. Ensure you keep your products low priced and give tempting offers.

Here is a list of categories that sellers need to stock up for the event.

All you need to know about Grand Shopping Utsav.

Details of Grand Shopping Utsav awards.

If you are new to the idea of online selling or have inquiries regarding “Grand Shopping Utsav”, kindly contact us at

Happy Selling!